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Solar costs may be decreasing dramatically, but there are additional
financial incentives available that can make solar more cost-effective.
Save Money on Your Electricity Bill
Solar produces immediate cost savings from day one and can significantly decrease your electricity bill. Solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years, which means you can save money on energy for decades once you flip the switch on your solar array.
Qualify for Financial Incentives
You may qualify for lucrative financial incentives that reduce the cost of installing solar. Examples include utility rebates, state grants, and federal tax credits. Nonprofit organizations can now receive direct payments from the IRS instead of tax credits.
Reduce Your Carbon Emissions
Solar energy doesn’t produce any pollution or emissions and can help reduce your carbon footprint. As a renewable source of energy, you’ll keep generating electricity as long as the sun keeps shining!
Leverage Unused Space
Most commercial buildings have vacant space on the roof or on the ground in the vicinity of the building. Installing solar can convert these under-utilized areas into significant cost savings initiatives that yield
long-term value.